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Dear Diary;

Today I flew to Brazil and on the flight I met very funny and exciting people. First when I was boarding I was standing in the line and I looked to my right side and I saw Winnie the Pooh. He was wearing a nice, elegant, red suit and carrying a handbag full of honey. I couldn't believe my eyes, and for a second I thought I was dreaming until Michael Jackson push me and said “ Are you gonna stay her the whole day look at the line you are causing, come on walk”. I didn't even say anything I just turned around and thought to myself this is going to be a very bizarre flight.

After I boarded the airplane, I was sitting in my sit and Michael Jackson that i met before when I was boarding, came and sat right beside me. I was looked at him and turned around and said “ what are you looking at big boy have you never seen a white man before?” I answered him “ no it is nothing about your color, it is just that I thought a person like you would have a private jet and would not be flying in some cheap airline economic class” he turn his head put on his headphone and started listing to music and sing along.

After flying for several hours the pilot made an announcement over the speakers that the airplane had broken down and that everyone had to jump out of the airplane using parachutes. Michael Jackson who was sitting right beside me, started screaming like a little girl. Everybody in the airplane was running around not knowing what to do. Winnie the Pooh came up to me and Michael Jackson and told us to follow him because he knew a better way out. He took us to the emergency door and told us to jump, I ask him if he was serious and he said that to just trust him. I looked down and counted to three and jumped. While I was falling down to the ground I thought to myself “ how could I be so dumb in trusting a big, fat, yellow bear.

Suddenly, I wake up and realize that it was just a dream. I told myself “I really will have to stop taking those drugs, they really me crazy!”

Book Review - Bill Bryson African Diary

Pedro Moschioni



IBH1 English

Book Review

Bill Bryson African Diary


ill Bryson the author of the book African Diary had the chance to experience an amazing experience and see the parts of African that not many people have the chance to see. This book is defiantly a real mind opener; it will open your mind about Africa. Usually when we talk about Africa, we all know that there is poverty in Africa and that there are many people dying of hunger in Africa. In this book African Diary, Bill Bryson describes place and show place that not many people know about.

CARE asked Bill Bryson, which is a NGO (non-governmental organization) to travel to Kenya. The diary begins in Nairobi, visiting one the slums, also visiting Kibera, the largest in Kenya slum in Kenya. When visiting Kibera Bill gets to know that even though it is possibly the poorest city in Kenya it has the best schools. After visiting Nairobi Bill heads to Mombassa by train, he describes at length the perils of train travel in KenyaKenya Railways has something of a tradition of killing its passengers. In just the past decade, a little over two hundred people have died…the train has been known as the Lunatic Express. Can’t think why

From Mombassa, Bryson and his team fly in a single engine plane, which scares Bryson and all his whole team.  Arriving in Dadaab, they get the chance to see CARE’S refugee camp. Most of the refugees are Somali, and they have no-where to go. Children are growing up there, Somalia is too dangerous to return to, and Kenya cannot and will not assimilate the refugees into Kenya. No one is starving in the camp, but conditions are tough. The education for example, there are too few books, and too few desks. However, the reason for this is that if CARE improves conditions in the camp too much, so that the refugees have better facilities than their hosts it will start to create a problem.

After Mombassa, Bryson and he team heads to Nairobi. Bryson, at this point, is convinced he will die. It starts to rain, and there are no windscreen wipers. Having not died, the next day, they all head off to Kisumu, which is, Bryson tells me, Kenya’s third city. In Kisumu, Bill visits a program that provides “microfinance”. This is small loans to groups of women allowing them to start small businesses. It is very successful. The women sell crafts from batteries to cloth anything. The women and their families are not rich, but they are supporting their families, and are giving them this loan makes them self-sufficient which are very positive. Later Bryson visits Ogongo Tir, a village where CARE has helped to build up. CARE has helped the village, the all well belongs to CARE, but to the villagers, who use and maintain it. This is another example where the people have become self-sufficient.

This book is a good book in my opinion, I strongly recommend this book, and it is a short interesting and fun book to read. There are lots of very interesting facts in this book, facts that we do not get to know things that will shock the reader. One of the things that I enjoyed reading this book was the style it was easy to read and not boring and tiring. Finally, the last thing I found very interesting is that by buy the book you will contribute to poverty and help poverty since the money goes to CARE which will use the money in its campaign fighting poverty.

Reflection on the semesters work

It has not been very hard to write all these essays we have had to do for the past month. I actually enjoy writing some of them it was not as if I look forward to do my English homework, but I liked it more then all my other subjects, it is something that just makes it interesting. I think the reason for that is that the topics we do are very interesting and they are things that we might encounter in our daily life. Another thing that I really liked was that I have been able to see my progress and it has surprisingly gone up, according to my grades. So the topics we have done, so far are Euthanasia, Informative essay, Book and article review, save our children from the horrors of sport and Leisure-Interview/Brochure.

My favorite topic that we have worked with during this semester has definitely been “save our children from the horrors of sport” I am not really sure why, but I was a topic that suited me best maybe because I really enjoy sports or I am always trying to explain to people how important sports actually is. I am not wrong I think that that topic was also the essay I got my highest mark of all the other essay I have written during this semester.

The topic I least enjoyed was euthanasia informative essay, it was not that I did not like the topic because I did. But the reason I least enjoyed it was because it was hard to put thing together and since it was a informative essay you had to do research and make sure that you are not putting your own opinion into the essay. This can be hard sometimes specially in this type of essay, which is very complicated topic, and many people have very strong opinions about euthanasia.

I found that the rest of the topics we did were okay and I like that we had a big variety of topics and lets us experience many things. I totally think that this have defiantly help me to improve my writing and my English in general, I hope that we continue experiencing new and interesting topics like we have been doing.



IBH1 English

Article Review

The article “Is That It” written by Bob Geldof, the article is a very different and strange story it even makes us the readers feel a bit scared and confused. Bob Geldof the author was born in Ireland in 1954. As a rock singer Bob help many poor people. From Wembley Stadium in London and J.F.K Stadium in Philadelphia, he and other musicians raised tens of millions of dollars for the starving people in Ethiopia. 

The article “Is That It” which is actually taken from the book “Is That It” is an odd and different experience. Everything happens in Bangkok, when bob is walking in the streets of Bangkok he sees the things that Bangkok is famous for girls, bars and fakes clothes. Bob is searching for something bizarre, something very different, and something that will make him wish he had not seen.  Bob sits down at this bar and a guy come up to him and asked him what he was looking for girls, boys or animals. Bob answers and said that he wanted nothing of that. Bob said to the guy “Show me something that makes me wonder why I wanted to see it, something that makes me sick and sad for us all, show me something where the other side of us is made real, except we don’t have to live it or die it.” The guy took Bob to exactly where we wanted. Bob was taken to a bar where he got to see girls open coke bottles with their vaginas, girls putting cigarettes in there vagina and lighting it, girls poring hot wax on their bodies. Bob saw so much disgusting and strange things that when one of the girls asked him if he wanted to see more he was so scared that he said he wanted to go home.  

This article is a very diverse article is it not every day we find this type of article and people that have practice such an atypical experience. My opinion on this article is that Bob got to see very unusual things, things that most people would rather stay away from. The article itself is a good article and I enjoy reading it. However, the story is a bit to eccentric and I feel quiet sick reading it, I can image how Bob felt seen it live. 

My question on this article is then, why do people search for this kind of things on their vacations? Why does somebody want to see this kind of bizarre thing anyway? The conclusion I came to is that when people travel they want to see new and unexpected things. They want to experience remarkable things, things that will make that trip special.  Now there should be a limit on that willingness of experience bizarre things, shouldn’t it? No, in my opinion, different people look for different things and depending from people to people, they will be looking for diverse experience. 

As a conclusion, the article is a good article that is strongly recommended and I can assure you that after reading this article the reader will have several questions why and wonder if it is real or just a made up story.

Word Count: 542


Hello everyone!!


Hello Mrs. Farrer!!

I am sorry that I have not written anything until now, but my holiday was very intense so I have not had time to write.  So I guess I am suppose to write what I have done during the holidays and all that.

So first, I spent one week of my holidays at Vietnam with my family. We went to Danang a city in the south part of Vietnam. It was very cool place the hotel was the best thing and the food they had there was amazing. My brother and I shared the room and sometimes in the middle of the night when I could not sleep, we ordered room service, since it was 24 hours room service, we could order anything, which was great.  During the day, my brother and I went mostly to the beach and did Jet Ski and body board surfing, so we would burn all those burgers we had during the day and the day.  After spending the Christmas in Vietnam. It was time for New Year, which was another good event. On new years I spend with my family at home, my aunt came to spend it with us. First, we had dinner and after midnight, it was time for “Saft och bullar”. After a very fun night, we were in 2009 a new year and a fresh start.

The rest of the holidays I have just played basketball of course and spent time with my friends, so I am sorry for not have written anything on the blog, but now at least you guys have a summary of my holidays. I hope everyone had a great holiday and enjoyed it as much as I did.

See you all tomorrow:):):)



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